Inspired Alchemy

From nurturing tools to support self-healing, intuitive guidance, energy healing, and calming music to balance your chakras, Jennifer’s spiritual guidance is divinely designed to expand your capacity for authentic self-healing and help you follow your inner calling.

 All healing starts with internal healing. To heal our external reality, we must first go within and courageously do the inner work.

Jennifer Ann

I’m Jennifer Ann.

I am a healer, seer, herbalist, clairvoyant, and energy alchemist. I specialize in shamanic and Native American healing techniques, and awakening and healing the physical body through the mind/body connection with a strong emphasis on healing the emotional body and chakra alignment to support overall wellbeing.


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How I Naturally Reversed My Tooth Pain

How I Naturally Reversed My Tooth Pain

For the last 2 weeks, I’ve had excruciating tooth pain that seemed to hit me intensely out of nowhere. I will say I have a bit of a detective's brain and you kind of have to go at it in this...

Change your Life with Conscious Intentions

Change your Life with Conscious Intentions

Setting intentions is one of my favorite things ever. I started intuitively doing this about 6 months ago for all of these things I've listed below, and then some. I've noticed a significant...