“I have had back pain in my lower back since my early 20s and I am now 56. Throughout my life, I have used many modalities to try and ease the pain. I have used stretching, massage, acupuncture, chiropractor, and nothing helped. I have always had a feeling that the pain in my lower back was energetic.  After Jen provided one session of Reiki energy healing on me and a follow-up six days later, my back pain is now gone, completely gone.

A couple of the sensations a few days after the first Reiki energy healing session felt like my pelvis area was moving, the bones were actually moving, and the next day I had some retracing pain in my lower back. I don’t know what else to say but I am completely amazed at her abilities to help free me from that chronic excruciating pain I’ve had all my life.

There was a dark entity that was removed and I had a blockage in my right ovary. My feeling is that that dark entity energy was causing the pain.”


“I received a reiki session from Jen for my ankle.  I had injured my right ankle 8 months previous and in spite of all my efforts towards healing, my ankle just wasn’t getting much better.  As a tai chi practitioner this was very discouraging for me.  Jen did a session where she cleared my chakras and then cleared stuck energy in my ankle.  Within a few days, my ankle was 80% better.  Within a week all pain was gone and the strength in my ankle returned.  It was amazing to me.  In addition I got some insight into why the injury and what I needed to let go of.  Thank you Jen!


“I received a distance Reiki Healing session from Jennifer, and it was unlike any other I’ve ever experienced. I could feel the energy work being done on my stomach, chest and throat, this was later validated by her follow up email! In-which she described all the energy points she worked on. Jennifer is truly remarkable and has such a profoundly gentle yet powerful gift. The session was so amazing, that I laid in bed for just a while longer, hoping to prolong the feelings of peace and serenity that it left me with. I highly recommend her as a healer and I can’t wait for the opportunity for a follow up session!”


“Sometimes what you go for at the beginning of healing actually winds up being connected to something much deeper than you can imagine. While Jennifer was healing me, I saw lifetimes, or ancestral lines, of healing being performed in the Throat Chakra. There were layers upon layers of things that happened in this lifetime and from my ancestors that came out. The healing of my feet and hands were both tied to my mind and Throat Chakras. When she was finished, I saw a vision of a glowing blue sword that represented all of pain associated with that area. After the healing session, my throat feels looser now, not as tense. My body feels more relaxed and in the moment, not as caught up with worry over the situation in the world right now. My feet feel better too, not as achy as they were for weeks before the session. I also feel lighter and brighter mentally like I have energy again. I haven’t felt that way in a long time. I believe she cleared lifetimes and ancestral lines of things for me from what I felt and saw. I can definitely feel it in my energy.”

– Gabrielle Talley

“This is my first reiki session ever and I am floored by what I saw, felt, and heard! I wasn’t expecting to feel the pain in my neck and leg release as much as it did but I did! I was not prepared for the surge of energy flowing through my body and settling into various areas of my body and just vibrating like it was breaking barriers down. I felt anxious then at peace with weakness in my body. I’ve been feeling so disconnected from my own gifts since January, no visions, no dreams, nothing,  this session kicked a few doors down and brought clarity to my clouded mind, and a slight release of the pain I’ve been feeling. There are no words to express how much I appreciate you and your gifts! I cannot wait to book my next session and definitely recommend you to anyone who wants to experience such powerful healing!”

– Whitney

“In the midst of chaos, in preparation for this year Jennifer and I have been preparing and refining our gifts to assist the collective. I am a healer and Jennifer has helped me dive deeper into the depths of my existences to unblock my ultimate destiny. She is a warrior spirit filled with grace and compassion, she gives you the information in a way that’s easy to comprehend and process. Even healers need healers. As a collective we rise!”

– Khala

“Yesterday, I was at work and I started my menstrual cycle. After about thirty minutes, the pain became excruciating. I threw up and I could hardly stand. I thought that I was having a miscarriage because I had never experienced pain like this. I contacted Jennifer. She performed reiki on me which I am beyond grateful for. She informed me about some blocks that I had in my body and we worked together on removing them. After an hour and a half, I believe, the pain was gone. I felt perfect. If I had went to the hospital, all they would have done was pump me full of pain meds and send me home with a prescription and I probably would still be in pain today. Because of Jennifer and her healing gift, I am able to be pain free today and feel better than I did even before all of this happened. I highly recommend !! She’s great at talking you through everything, making sure you’re comfortable, and making sure you feel safe. Thank you, Jennifer!!”

– Ashton

“I’ve had a few reiki sessions before, but never a distance session, and yet it felt like Jennifer was right there with me the whole time. I could tell as soon as she started because I felt the energy well up inside of me… like there was a giant rose in the middle of my chest unfurling its petals and opening me up to fresh energy. I felt the sensations as she worked on different parts of my body I was having trouble with, and soon I felt like I was laying on a leaf floating through the breeze on a warm summer afternoon. Afterward, I felt so calm and so much lighter, as if a weight had been lifted I hadn’t even realized was there.”

– Natalie

“Girl. My pain is GONE. I’ve had reiki done before and it’s been good but this is unreal. If I could only illustrate to you how much pain I’ve been in for the last week and a half, it was really debilitating. I could hardly stand up straight or move freely. It was so painful. And now, it feels completely normal. I took a sea salt bath, drank a bunch of water and it’s melted away.”

– Hannah

This is SO AMAZING! Gah! I wish I could express to you how fantastic and healing the experience was. Thank you, thank you. I feel more like myself than I’ve felt in weeksJust all kinds of happy chills and happy tears and grounding and release and attunement. I am overjoyed and at the same time so peaceful.

– Megan

“Jennifer was simply amazing to work with. I wanted to do an energy session to help with nagging back pain that I’ve had for a few months. Although I’m already familiar with Reiki, I appreciate that she provided detailed information about what I would experience after our session. What blew me away most was what Jennifer saw during our session: blue butterflies and a lime green glowing light. She doesn’t know me, so she had no way of knowing that butterflies practically attack me whenever I leave the house. And blue relates to the throat and voice, which is currently my healing focus. I highly recommend Jennifer’s energy work for anyone looking for comfort and relief.”

– Sarah Jordan

“I feel fantastic! I really cannot put into words what your healing has done for me. You are a true blessing in my life I didn’t know I was missing. 🙂 My whole body is just radiating energy, it’s just flowing from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. Such an empowering session today! Thank you so much for being on this journey with me!! 

– Whitney

“I’ve had a few distance healing sessions before, but that’s the first time I felt energy moving in my body like that! Very cool! Can’t wait to see what shifts take place as a result over the coming days and week.

– Michelle

“Wow I have been feeling so light all day. It was such an incredible experience! I felt you working on the heart, throat and third eye chakras completely! That is amazing how that works!! I have been trying to connect to my third eye more and I felt very connected after our session! It was an incredible buzzing concentrated energy. It helped me move past some ego blockages and made me see where these blockages came from, from parts of my past. I was upset with a few people before the session and it has all melted away into infinite love for their process and healing. It is a beautiful feeling. Thank you so much for your dedication to the work. It was deeply felt on my part and I was really transformed and healed by your work! I feel much more confident in my path along my soulpreneur journey.”

– M.F.

“Jen’s healing accessed a Lemurian Light Orb that renewed me exactly the way I needed! It’s been a catalyst to a soul awakening and remembrance to a heart-based lifetime that I’m now able to apply to the present.  When Jen began her healing, I went into a long dream-state that lasted for hours. When I started coming out, and finally read her recount, I was so excited and surprised! She told me that when she called for what I needed, a light orb had gone through my mouth and up and down my spine then spiraled around me. After this, my Chakras completely lit up. She knew it came from Lemuria and had given me an upgrade and alignment.  I stopped worrying then and haven’t been worrying since!
The upgrades of energy keep coming as do the messages and guidance!  I had been feeling pretty stuck before the healing and had asked the question “What is my next step to liberate myself?” When I told Jen about this dream she said, “You asked, here is your answer! You need to create these paintings!” I think she is right! They feel like art therapy and magic symbols to me. I can see now that these have a lot to do with my root Chakra and getting back to my original “I AM” creative self. I’m so grateful for this amazing magic she performed.”

– Leesah

“You are powerful. What you did has profoundly shifted my energy.”

– Dennis

I seeked Jennifer’s services because of a recurring health issue that I’ve been suffering from for some time. I am aware that all physical ailments have an energetic and emotional root cause and despite my efforts to work on these on my own I was still experiencing flare ups. The distance reiki that Jennifer performed for me helped me see significant reduction in my pain shortly after the session. She was helpful to inform me in detail of the process before and after the session which was great and super reassuring for a curious and at times skeptical Gemini 😉 The night after the session I truly felt my body going through a process of internal healing where the energy was able to flow more freely through my body. I am grateful for her services and will definitely be returning for further sessions.

– Stefania

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